This module focuses upon the essay as a crucial practice and a literary form.

This module focuses upon the essay as a crucial practice and a literary form.

Module Overview

The essay is fundamental to criticism that is literary and basic to assessment across your degree. Nevertheless the essay can also be a literary and popular-cultural genre in a unique right, a questionnaire that marks the invention of this individual in addition to compulsion to, as Virginia Woolf puts it, During the span of this module, you certainly will both hone your own skills as literary writers currently talking about and think about the historical and thematic proportions for the essay as an application. You can expect to explore the eccentricities and paradoxes of essay-writing across history, through culture, from the origins in the century that is sixteenth popular journalism andin our very own time. In doing this, you can expect to look closely at choices of writing style, rhetoric, evidence, and which can be fundamental to succeeding in and enjoying our discipline, and to our work as critical readers and individual writers.

Module Details

Aims and Objectives

Module Aims

The aims with this module are to: • develop your own personal writing and enjoyment of writing; • assess various techniques for constructing arguments; • locate and evaluate primary and secondary research material.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

Having successfully completed this module, it is possible to show knowledge and understanding of:

  • Better build your thoughts through the writing process;
  • Appreciate different contexts and purposes for writing
  • Use independent and self-reflective critical judgement

The module will introduce students to principles of rhetoric, composition and discourse as they connect with their writing that is own and reading literary texts. It will probably build relationships a range of texts, including classical and historical texts on rhetoric, historical and essays that are contemporary.

Learning and Teaching

Teaching and methods that are learning

The module weekly allocation of two one-hour teaching periods may be used flexibly for lectures, seminar and small group discussions. A selection of formative and summative writing exercises would be used, with some micro-writing exercises and peer assessment exercises taking place in class times. A Learning is included by this module Support Hour. Continue reading “This module focuses upon the essay as a crucial practice and a literary form.”